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Services for Agencies

Innovation & New Service Development


Marketing agencies are as a category highly innovative companies. However, what is innovative today is tomorrow’s old news.

The agency business is a knowledge based business – meaning there is an imperative for agencies to stay ahead of their clients in terms of the boundaries of what is possible.

This doesn’t just mean a 1% paid media efficiency here or another ecommerce order there, it means the next big idea you can take to your clients.

That is innovation.

North By Northwest Consultants have conducted primary academic research into how agencies can re-gear their organisations towards innovation. Small changes can yield large results through new service that can be sold to clients.

We can construct and implement strategies to make your agency more innovative and focus on those services that will yield the highest  return.

In short, we help marketing agencies innovative.

New Business & Pitch Development

Pitching is the lifeblood of agencies, but can be taxing for teams working on existing client business or when the agency is on a fallow run of pitch wins. Ideas can dry up and thinking can become too predictable.

North By Northwest Consultants can offer help with pitching by:

  • Offering alternative insights and strategy for the pitch
  • Running ideation sessions
  • Assistance with construction and sanity checking of the final pitch deck

Financial & Operational Performance

In the thrill of winning new business and embarking upon new client engagements, the back-office operations of an agency can be ignored, or at least a little-unloved. Seemingly small problems with systems, processes or practices can have a large impact on profitability of each engagement. We have (hard earned) experience running agencies of many different kinds to high levels of profitability through optimisation of proposals, pricing and project management.

North By Northwest Consultants offers:

  • Operations analysis including people, systems and processes
  • Re-engineering of processes and systems
  • Pricing and proposal recommendations
  • Change management strategy for implementation

Contact us today for a free consultation around agency innovation services.