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Data Strategy & Systems

The Need for a Data Strategy


In the rush to hire a team or pore through data that has been amassed not setting strategy is a missed opportunities.

Through qualitative research, typically stakeholder interviews and workshops, we discover opportunities around data analysis together with priorities allowing strategy to be set.

Our data strategy seeks to provide answers to the following:

  • What data is produced by the organisation?
  • What theories are there as to business problems that may be proven / disproven by the data?
  • What effect or return might proving or disproving a theory give?
  • How can this be measured ongoing?
  • What tools should use used ongoing?
  • Where and how should the data be stored?
  • What internal / external resources will be needed?


There are many Business Analytics and Business Intelligence tools. We use R and R Studio for analysis of large data sets.

R Studio gives a major advantage over competitors – the inclusion of the R Markdown language – this allows for analysis reports to be delivered that are 100% reproducible rather than picking through spreadsheets. This allows for the recipients of the reports, with basic statistical or analytical knowledge, to follow the analysis from beginning to end.

Contact us today for a free consultation around data strategies and analysis.